[April 8th. 9 PM. Texts.]

She: Can I get those videos from you? I need them for this project.
He: Were you thinking tonight?
She: Ideally, but it can wait. Do you have a 1/4 I can buy? Slash, if so, how much?
He: Yeah- 90, um. Let me finish this meeting and I’ll text you.
She: Okay.
He: Can you bring your hard drive when you come over? This is too big for everything else.
She: Sure. I’ll have [friend] and [friend] bring it when they come to get stuff.
He: Of course…
She: ?
He: Nothing- just didnt expect you to go into hiding
She: Wtf. Forgive me if I’m exhausted and don’t feel like seeing you and being made to feel shitty. You’d really rather me come and feign cheer? // I’m not interested in seeing you at your happiest, surrounded by wares and customers. // But I’ll come. Whatever. Shouldn’t be any skin off my nose apparently, so I guess it won’t be
He: You don’t have to. I get it.
She: No, you don’t and because of it you’re being an ass.