August 28, 2012


Urinary tract infection
Rib love handles
How to make skin less saggy


My mind runs through a mental list
Of things that I need
To have
At the end of the day

Or maybe need to search for
On Google …
  Or anywhere else the answer may be

My mind runs through a mental list of things that I need

Foot massage
Back rub
Touch that is warm and tender and firm and loving
… not the filthy
                        stained oily grime
I’ve received from this city

This is it, right?
Living the dream.
It has started out pretty hopeful so far but
Oh! if only you knew how much I am going to accomplish.
I can’t wait to tell you all of it!
But I would fight a thousand battles
[even with you]
To get to whisper the details of my day
Into your ear
With my legs entwined around your body
Your skin radiating,
   blessing my body with warmth and trust and kindness
     falling asleep in the arms of the man I love

I will move mountains
Believe me
The lava within the bowels of the earth
Will shoot across the sky
And explode in a hundred million
Shattered orbs of brilliant light
And people will exclaim!

 They may think that it is fallacy

                                                                    I little care.

 I only hope that you will be there with me
When I am afraid that I may fall
I would catch you in a heartbeat
If you were there to hold
But I cannot wait
For you

(to catch up)