I am learning to love my body
Although depending on the angle
Sometimes I slip back
Into doubting
Its Profound Beauty

So please remind me
of my allure
with your eyes traveling along the curve of my

Everything about me is delicious
I am falling in love with
My muscular thighs
They are not going anywhere
I realized
So I can work them
Sweat them
Trim them
Shape them
But they will remain
At least in presence
So I embrace them

And by God, you had better, too.

Because this body
As my good friend Rabi’a said:
This body, all in all, is good enough for embracing –

But the Friend who lives in my house
Is the lover of my Heart.”

I would like you to be both
Lover of my heart
and my body
Because I am all of me.
Please love all of it.