She’s not my child, but she is my ward
Protected by my law, as well my sword
Those who stand above me
Those who raised me,
Those who love me
They were certainly not thinking of her

Uncle, I ask you from the bottom of my heart
Did you not think at all before the start
Of the desecration 
Of my image as the deity
Through this act of fornication 
And you were certainly not thinking of her

Father, how could you possibly not have known
Or did you excuse him because of women you’ve thrown
To the ground as they plead
Not today, not tomorrow,
But you’ve drowned in your greed
Because when are you ever thinking of her?

Medusa, please hear me wherever you are
I fear you are already in the Underworld far
I regret what I said
All those curses and lies
On your heart and your head
Because when are we ever thinking of her?

I should have just listened, there was silence enough
The truth is the answer, even if it is tough
But when harm comes to pride
Bruises and wounds
Are much easier to hide
As long as you consider yourself and are certainly not thinking of her