… I am coming to understand me, too. 

“Well! The fact of the matter is that I don’t know if I am looking to do much of anything beyond “date” a whole bunch of people right now. I’ve gone on a slew of OkC happenings and a triumphant few have stayed on as friends, but many have fallen throughout the quest. So many of them said they were groovy after my “blah blah not looking for relationship blah blah no strings attached” speech and then third date rolls around, we sex, he goes nuts and won’t stop calling me. I’m like, how did I possibly find all of the hopeless romantics? Stop this. I’m looking for adventure and belt notching and communication and kink and lots and lots of stories and lessons from interesting sexy amazing humans. Plus, oh yeah, I’m trying to be an artist, whatever the fuck that looks like. So I don’t have time for you crazies who want to see me for a third time this week.
…Is that bad? I’m inclined not to think so, because I know I gave the speech. I got the no strings consent. So that’s been crummy to have to dismiss some budding hearts. I am just not looking for that kind of commitment or intimacy — I just removed myself from a Two Year That. This is my reclamation of self. I am a Whole Self, whereas I’ve been Half a Unit for a long time.”

He asks: 
1. What attracts you to dominating a submissive man?
2. Describe to me one of your most memorable, or favorite experiences as a domme (looking forward to this one)
3. If an experience with you was a prescription medication, what would the warning label say?

I respond:
“1. I am a bossy pants. I like knowing what’s going on and where things are going. I know what I like and I am pretty intuitive as to what other people like and I like making other people feel good because that makes me feel good. There is nothing sexier to me than being with someone who wants me so much that they will do what I tell them to, either to themselves or to me, and let me do what I want to them or me. I’m totally power hungry, and totally turned on right now just thinking about it.

2. Tying him, stark naked and spread eagled, on the bed – an arm or leg assigned to each corner. Blindfolding him. Teasing. Pleasuring. Denying. Indulging.

3. WARNING: May experience sudden mood swings, general spaciness, ‘mixed signals’, cynicism, and some emotional baggage that mostly stays checked. Feel free to consume with alcohol and/or marijuana, on occasion. Loyalty, honesty, and earnestness guaranteed.”


Ideal Domme, in the Form of a Haiku

Elastic vixen
Delights in torturing you
Because you want it