…even though we haven’t even met yet. My response?:

“Oh my lord from what planet did you beam down. These are all of the things that I only ever preach should happen before this sort of thing. The formerly 16-year-old high school sexual health educator in me leaps for joyI was monogamous with my first partner (who was clean) for two, and have yet to be tested since my recent rampant, latex-featuring, belt-notching. In fact, testing is on my immediate list upon returning to the city, along with pick up Nuvaring and anxiety meds of poison from Duane Reade. I will absolutely let you know what I learn when I learn.

Consent is good. You can also know I try to be pretty communicative. Which is one of the reasons I like this site and I really like you. 🙂

And relationships come in all sorts of flavors and I’m absolutely on board with whatever this is. Friendship? Cool. Maybe there will come a time where some would tack on a “with benefits”? Lovely. I also am currently not interested in labeling anything, mainly because I’m not interested in thinking too hard (aka fretting, analyzing, obsessing, hypochondriaching, etc) about what I’m doing. (Also, you’re married. I’m going to keep pointing this out, although I may have figured out why that is. Probably it’s a version of my re double checking YOUR consent in … continuing to engage with me and whatever this is. As in subtext: “you-understand-that I’m-not-your-wife-and-this-is-flirting-that-we’re-doing-here-you’re-absolutely-sure-that-this-is-how-you-want-to-be-interacting-with-me?” Note: There is a story here. It is too long to insert here. Absolutely appropriate for a nice long cuddle session with tea and banana bread. // Also, it’s also why I keep pointing out that I’m bugging out about this open marriage thing. But I’m really groovy. I promise. Just sometimes also neurotic. Welcome to the deluge.)
Checking in with myself? Sure. Keeping a finger on the pulse of what I want and why I want it? Absolutely. Labeling things with names that I have prior association, connotation, and judgement in? No thanks. I am attempting to take a leave of absence from my position as my own harshest critic and just like myself and feel good about what I have and what I have to offer. Revolutionary, right? Haha. It’s definitely a work in progress. So thanks for being a part of my journey! 🙂 “