I’ve taken to leaving the house looking a little nicer than I usually attempt, just to see what happens.
I have observed that people look at me more.
Once, I might have feared it was because they couldn’t look away from the train wreck that is my endearingly haphazard bohemian ostrich.

I am coming to realize however that indeed they look because they desire.
Either desire to have or to be.
I am a tall, shapely, raven haired, with porcelain skin and cherry lips. I darken my lashes and brighten my cheeks and braid my hair and I am transformed into an aloof, enigmatic, confident woman. I need not wear heels, or else they’d stare more than I am comfortable with. Already there is an element of intimidation that comes with my height.

Professional life rolls along, gaining snow and speed.
Honey Jay has returned, although remains in the wings.
I’m about ready to put out a want ad for a real sub, just to see what that’s all about.
I also seem to have acquired a new GGG, 2.0 if you will, incredibly swiftly after the exit of version one. I am on the fence about what and how it will work … Seeing as we are coworkers. And he’s older. And a Dom. Among other things. We’ll see. It is fun for the time being. So that’s what we focus on.