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No Thank You: The Blue Balls Serenade

Call me a cunt, call me a whore
I just could not take one second more
Of the plodding, the pleading,
The groping, the gripes
While we kept weeding,
Kept doping our pipes
You’re good for nothing you unreasonable prick
And you can’t even keep any blood in your dick.


Hush Now Princess

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Sweet talk has been known to work before and lord knows it’s working now.


Seduction: A Haiku


my heart won’t go on

my heart won’t go on

i must not have been listening
when they said it was so hard
except that from the beginning
i’ve let down my guard

to each i open my entire heart
brimming full of love potential
but i’ve been wondering from the start
if it’s because you’ve been too influential

who said you could still hold on so tight
when i am not the one that you hold at night
it wouldn’t matter much if at least you’d admit
you love me most rather than trying to forget (‘forgit’)
how much you adore me and how much i’m right




I hope that when I look back on all this
in ten, fifteen, and plenty
I will be able to say that
[ blank ]
saved my life.

I hope that
I will not say
[ blank ] 
ruined my life.

that doesn’t mean
of course
that there weren’t shitty times
because sometimes it’s all just too much
you know?

of course you know.
I’d be delusional
if I thought I was the first –

for what?
for anything that would apply when one is so entwined in
[ blank ]

while I don’t know
if I’ll actually have a say
in whether it happens

I can hope all I want
that I’ll be the last
or the only one who matters anyway

[ blank ]
though you may not last forever
forever you will have lastingly
changed me