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Xena the Damsel’s Ideal Knight

My ideal relationship is with a hung Alpha Male Dom to whom I submit and with whom I switch. He enjoys, in turn, watching me be with other men and playing with other everyones with me. We will sex other people with each other and not, but we will love each other the most even as of course we come to care about other people. Somehow he will communicate to me that he so profoundly cares about me in a way that relieves me from being the Jealous I already anticipate in my heart will be the potential downfall of my seeking an open relationship. Of course he will want to marry me and be vanilla with me and we will be friends with our play partners long after (it seems as if) we’ve stopped playing (or have we?). Careers, communities, kids. Sex everywhere in between and more. Fuck couples counseling – I know how to communicate because I’m a kinkster. And so is my boo.


Mantra: Fuck you, I’m awesome.

Well, fortune sometimes scorns the hopeful.
I once took statistics; guess I’m just as likely as the next one
To be susceptible to things such as
At the
Of someone who seemed so promising.

Promising is not a binding term,
Although if one looks at its homophones
One might be able to dissect the possible intuitions
A certain one potential
Had that might have had that would have inspired him to take flight.

I wasn’t asking for any sort of promise,
Except for that of interest and integrity.
Isn’t it something
To be swept up in enthusiasm
Only to find that the other
Read “too far” into that earnest expression of

Initially, I worded an apology for being so intense.
Except that what I am remembering is that
Many suggest – preach even – to hold your cards close.

Listen, the only way to know how to play the game
Is if you know what the cards look like.
It’s awfully hard to play Hearts if you’re holding an Uno deck.

All I’m asking is for you to play a game with me.
We can make up our own rules!
Please, that’s more fun anyway.
I’m not sure I’ve entirely liked the games I’ve played with other people,
Although of course there are rules I want to bring along from those
[ like kissing in the rain! ]
So stop misconstruing that you already know the rules.
We have yet to make them up!

Aren’t you an actor, for chrissake!
The world’s our stage, so grab a damn sword, Lancelot!
How are you ever going to prove you’re the bravest knight if you run away?

Or, as any resilient strong willed, frequently misunderstood human would do
[ can you tell I had practice as a child on the playground;
Social interactions have always been such a crapshoot for me. ]
I will go find someone else to play with.

Fuck you, I’m awesome.